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fun & sun

What do the children do here...                           ;                           ;                       
Our observations show that they are having fun
Immediately after arrival (why unpack), most people rush to the playground
and there is somewhere to run...
a huge sandbox is terribly tempting, wooden houses invite you inside,
swings are waiting for sky-high flights,
the slide goes up into the clouds and the balance beam, well...
Mom, what is this?
...later they find a trampoline, a beach volleyball court, balls and goals and skateboards. Then they shyly look into the playroom (it's great, there's a TV, I'll be telling stories from morning to evening),  table football, darts, games, books. toys and mascots, a play tent and a table for little artists.
Of course, there are also two heated swimming pools and this is probably the place that children and others like the most
We would forget about the most important thing, there is of course a beautiful beach
Have fun